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Wandering aimlessly...

Oh Wonderland, aren't you lonely?

HI. I'm Sylvia and I live in southern California, which is in the United States. I like lots of things, and dislike quite a few as well. I like to rant and be silly. Livejournal is my latest attempt to understand the internet. I am so far failing everywhere else.... except maybe Deviantart, and Gaiaonline. If you're looking for me at my sanest- try my DA account, hara-ism.Deviantart.com. If you're looking for a good chat, look me up on Gaiaonline- my username is Indulge [In Words]. I'm sorry, but I don't do cypering, unless.... well, okay, 1 night= 500 billion dollars and 3 unicorns. Please help me help you help me write about my life which can be kinda weird. Or maybe that's just me.

That's just me.