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Title: The Definition of Perpetual Motion
Author: elsewhere_kels 
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/AU
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 41,112
Warnings: : Trigger warnings for discussion of depression, mental illness, and past sexual and psychological abuse of minors.

Artist: haraism 
Art Link: Art Masterpost~ this is it, folks! 
(Art album over at Photobucket: s1040.photobucket.com/albums/b401/haraism18/DC%20Big%20Bang%202010/ )

Summary: Dean Winchester was doing all right. He had a good job, a few friends, and all the people he loved were safe. He got by. Then he got a call from Sam in the middle of the night. Sam wasn't all right, and it turned out he hadn't been for a long time. Dean's little brother had no memory of the last four years of his life and only pieces of years before that, and all Dean could think of was how he'd smiled as he waved Sam-who-wasn't-Sam off to college. Sam didn't want to take over Dean's life, but he didn't know where else to turn. Dr. Castiel Novak was "a bleeding heart" and he was beginning to realize that neither of the brothers had gotten through their experiences unscathed.




Character Divides



Thanks to elsewhere_kels  for being so awesome and to dametokillfor  for getting me to sign up in the first place. <3
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Warning! This is really, really, really long. It’s detailed. (because I promised a certain someone *cough*Cassie*cough* that it would be.) It contains some spoilers for season 6. (I don’t think anything too major, really, but it’s up to you) Read at your own risk~


So, on the last day of Comic-con, I woke up at 4:45 am so I could be as sure as hell that we (Vee, aka dametokillfor , her family, and myself) could even get into Ballroom 20, where the Supernatural Panel was going to be taking place. I got to the center around 6 am (Shut up, you, I’m a girl, I can’t help being slow in the morning. :P) The line was already pretty epic, but about half of it was actually for the exhibit hall, we were all so early that we weren’t allowed to wait inside.

I had a bit of bad luck, I left my glasses in my hotel room, and had to have them brought to me. (Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to see the panel unless I was in the very front row, which was obviously unlikely to happen.) It took awhile to get them, because our car battery actually DIED. Vee and company arrived around 7 to hop in the quickly growing line with me. They had gotten up early and saved me a spot in line for Chuck the previous morning, so it was a fair exchange.

We waited for quite some time. I read some of one of the SPN novels, we watched the people walk by, discussed random topics, basically anything to pass the time. I had fun waving at the people waiting outside… if you saw some crazy chick in glasses waving at you, know that it was me! Kudos to the awesome people who waved back, I hope you got in. <3 (Actually, I hope all the SPN fans who were there got in. The room fits nearly 2,000 people, but we were worried that many of those seats might be taken by people camping out for the Glee panel.)

We got in, of course, and managed to get nice side seats only seven rows back from the front. I don’t watch Smallville, but the panel was really nice. Tom Welling is both adorable and really sweet. Some man got up and started to say “It’s my daughter’s eighteenth birth-“ before they cut the mike off. (No personal requests are allowed during the Q&A) But the actor who plays Clark’s father asked whose birthday it was. The man brought his daughter up to the front. Tom grabbed the sign in front of him, the one that had his name on it, signed it, and gave it to her! It was so kind of him to do that, it really warmed my heart.

Finally though, it came time for the Supernatural panel to begin! Some nice lady from the WB came out and announced that they would be showing a brief recap clip and then a special season 6 sneak peak… and that they were going to be introduced by the director of that episode, JENSEN ACKLES. *insert insanely excited screams here*

I’ve got to say, with this being my first time seeing any of the cast up close, he’s really even better looking in person! I think the same can be said for all of them, especially Mark Sheppard. (Who wasn’t at the panel, but who I did have the luck to meet and get an autograph from the day before)

He talked briefly about directing at this point, saying it was a “unique and cool” experience. He also said that the most difficult part was working with Jim, which we all laughed at. The episode will be the fourth in season 6, and is very Bobby-centric.

It’s hard to really take notes on the teaser, but I did my best. The scene they showed starts with Bobby doing a ritual in his house, which we quickly discover is a summoning ritual when Crowley pops up. Bobby essentially asks for his soul back, and Crowley gives him a BS reason as to why he apparently can’t. (the contracts only says he’ll try his best to give it back, or something along that lines) There’s tons of really fun dialogue between Bobby and Crowley. Just as it seems Crowley is getting the upper hand, Bobby flicks off the light to reveal he has got Crowley stuck in a Devil’s trap~~~~~ and that’s where they cut off.

With that, the moderator came out onto the stage. The panel was moderated by a very nice man by the name of  Brian Truitt. He introduced each of the guests as they came out—Sera Gamble, Eric Kripke, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins (who pretended to punch Jared while walking by), Jim Beaver (in an anti-smoking shirt that I’m sure would drive my friend, Cassie, crazy, and an Idjit hat) and finally the wonderful Ben Edlund. 

Someone in the audience shouted that they loved Kripke, and Misha replied back “We all love Kripke.”

The moderator asked Kripke how he was going to be involved in the show now, and said he would be “definitely involved” in it, and was probably “a pain in Sera and Ben’s asses”. He compared himself to “fuzzy hemorrhoids.” He talked about how he felt the show needed to be kept fresh after five seasons, because the fans deserve more than a “watered-down” show. Jared interrupted here, saying “We want to talk too, Eric”. Kripke quickly finished off by saying that he is basically there to give “oily massages” before he asked Jared what he wanted to say… Which he didn’t really know. So everyone laughed.

Sera talked a bit about season 5 and season 6, saying that they “got very epic” with season 5, but now just “really want to shoot monsters in the face.”

Then Jensen talked more about the episode he directed (which got talked about a lot in this panel). He said the writers were very nice and gave him a “light Dean” episode, but that Jim “never hit his spot.” I got the feeling he and Jim were having a lot of with this panel, while Jared and Misha spent quite a bit of time talking quietly to each other, looking very mischievous. (Though they all looked tired. Bless them for still coming.)

Jared was asked how Sam got out of Hell. He had no idea how Sam got out. He remembered wanting the series to end with both of them dying Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-style, but realized that they’ve both died many times already. His best guess was that Sam simply had “practice” so getting out was easy.

The moderator then asked Misha about Castiel’s role in season 6. He said, “yeah, Castiel should have a role, since he hasn’t had one so far.” On a more serious note, he put Cas on “clean-up detail”. Heaven post-season 5 is similar to “post-Soviet Russia” and Cas is like “Yeltsin” (Boris Yeltsin)There are “nukes in the wrong hands” and everything is generally a mess. On a roll with his Russian comparisons, he said that Castiel should have a Russian accent, and thus demonstrated his very awesome (and sexy) Russian accent.

Any girls for Bobby? According to Jim, “hell will freeze over before Bobby gets a girlfriend.” Jensen added that it’s “possible—it’s Supernatural.” Bobby and Crowley’s kissing days are over, but there’s apparently a lot of out-takes, since they shot that scene a lot.

Ben briefly talked about what monsters might be in season 6. He said an “insane fairy.” They were really “walking the line” with little people. He can imagine the boys versus a tiny light that is actually Tinkerbell. He wanted to see Jensen face off against a tiny speck of light, and say a line something like “it’s so beautiful.”

The topic of female characters came up. Sera said that “a couple of female characters have survived this season so far”. Basically, Sera said that “if you’re awesome” they’ll “bring you back from the dead a couple of times.”

A question was asked about the Supernatural anime, and Eric said that it’s not going to be sold here at this time, but that we should “write a letter to our congressmen” about it. He said he was excited they were making episodes they didn’t have to write, and wanted to see all the things they could do with it. Sera suggested “shit with tentacles”, and Eric agreed, because “live-action tentacles suck.” He also added that Jared and Jensen would voice a few episodes of it, though I assume he was joking. Jensen piped in that his Japanese sucks, but Jim’s is fairly good.

On whether or not Chuck is God, Kripke said that it was “completely open for interpretation.” He thought, if Chuck was God, “at least he’s banging hoes.” He knows it was a bit mean to leave it so open like that, like “M. Night-Douchy”. That cued lots of M. Night cracks across the panel.

The topic once again went back to Jensen’s directing. (I loved the moderator, but he spent a lot of time asking about Jensen’s directing… maybe a little too much time.) He said it was nice not having to convince himself to do anything. A “big bonus” was the fact that Jared was not on set at the time. The others were asked if they would consider directing, and they all said no. Jim didn’t want to because “directing means work.” During the episode, he “wanted to give Jensen a real sense of being a director”. He almost stayed in his trailer for thirty minutes, too. He’s been “doing this for 312 years.” He admitted that he felt secure with Jensen as the director. Misha then announced, “that was a weird sentimental moment.” Much LOLz were had.

The moderator asked about any returning guest stars, especially Jeffrey Dean Morgan. (We all cheered for that) Sera said that they love JDM, and would definitely have him back, but he’s a busy man. Jensen jokily begged, “Come back to us, Jeff. Come back.” (D`awww.) They talked a bit about their grandfather coming into the picture again, that the boys needed a fatherly figure. Jim said he was worried about that, but Sera said Bobby just could never be replaced. (we agreed)

Jared touched a bit on what it was like for him to play against himself in the season finale. He asked Jensen for advice on it, since he had done a scene like it before. He opted to have just a piece of tape in front of him, because he “didn’t want another actor there” to affect his reactions. He revealed that he hasn’t actually seen Swan Song, which everyone laughed at. He said he’s behind on the episodes, and Misha jokily suggested that he’s actually still on season 1.

Then the fan Q&A started! The first question was about the chemistry between the brothers, whether it was real between Jared and Jensen or just great acting. Jared said “for me, it’s great acting.” Jensen pitched in that “he’s not that great an actor.” On a more serious note, they are close, but the writing really does help them nail that brotherly chemistry.

The second question was about how much the writers had to change their original five-season plan when they realized they’d be having a sixth. Kripke said they had to tweak some things, because if it had been the actual end, there “wouldn’t be as many living characters.” They had been planning Lucifer’s fall and the end all season long, they just added in some more cliffhangers.

The third question was about one of Ruby’s lines—the “you don’t need the feather to fly, Dumbo, you had it in you all along” one. Kripke explained that the demon blood was simply like a battery that charged Sam up. The line was more referring to Sam’s decisions, and that he would have probably done the same thing with or without Ruby, who Kripke announced was played by “Jared’s beautiful wife”-- that got a lot of cheering. Gen was apparently there, which was awesome. I assume she was sitting in the reserved seating, located on the other side of the room from where we were. Jared added that they “just wanted to call me Dumbo.”

The topic of the fourth question was the girl fans. Jensen said it was “shocking” that there were so many girl fans. (though it was hard to tell if he was being completely serious or not) Sera stated that Sci-fi is actually really appealing to women (true dat) and it helps that they have attractive men on their show.

The next was about more Ghostfacers, which Sera said depended on the time and the pitching for it. A member of the audience yelled that they wanted the Ghostfacers in Canada, and the panel joked about whether or not they had internet in Canada. (Vee wants it in England, too!)

Then the panel was asked about their favorite episodes. Jensen asked back, “you want me to pick one?” since there are over 100 now. Jared asks the questioner which was their favorite. I didn’t hear what they said, but then Jared said they agreed. For real though, he likes the first and last episodes of each season the best. They make him question what is going to happen, and he feels like a fan then. (though he hasn’t seen season 5 finale? Tsk tsk!) Misha said his favorite was “the one where Sam and Dean chase the monstery-demon thing”. He doesn’t remember the title name, but he and Jim are sure that the Impala was in it. Jim jokingly says he hates the episodes with the supernatural-y stuff in them. Kripke agrees, saying they only like The Benders. Jensen likes the comedy episodes best, especially Monster Movie. (Jared adds that it’s basically every episode)

Someone asked about Eric’s thoughts on Swan Song. He said he “put a lot of love into it” and seemed very proud of it. He wanted to compare Sam and Dean to Lucifer and Michael, and it was always about the emotional bond between the Winchester brothers. He said that after the episode aired, he went online and saw a whole bunch of haters hatin` on the finale. He had an “I’m so misunderstood moment” there. Everyone told him how much they loved it, and he teased that Jared was Swan Song’s biggest fan.

The next question was about Dean’s progression in season 6. Jensen started saying how season six picks up a year later, and then someone in the audience yelled that Dean tucks in his shirt. Jensen laughs and said “that’s all you got?”. If only it was that easy. Season six will start with how a now-domesticated Dean gets pulled back in and his inner struggle with that. And of course, his shirt is tucked in. Someone else yelled that he should just take it off. Jared replied to that with a “his pants are off.”

The next questioner started off with “I have a question for Jensen Ackles” and Jared quickly finished for them—“Can you take off your shirt?” [I didn’t actually manage to write down their real question nor did I get the answer to it. Sorry! I’m an utter failure. Feel free to smack me for this.]

The last question was about their favorite monster of the week. Jared first said that he had no idea. (again, over 100 episodes to choose from now) Jensen liked the one from Monster Movie, and Jared ended up agreeing to that, and liking the shape-shifters a lot. Jensen was looking forward to killing vampires properly, “none of this pasty wasty shit”. Misha chimed in randomly (as usual for this panel) that it had turned into a “hate rally”.

The end of the Q&A came and we all awww’d. So the panel awww’d, too. We all cheered up pretty quickly, though, when they announced that they would be showing the gag reel from season 5! Hooray!

I didn’t take notes on the gag reel, but WOW, it was HILARIOUS! There were so many silly clips and plenty of obvious fan-service. I’m not even going to try to explain it, because anything I say will pale in comparison and probably just ruin it for everyone. I will say though, look for Jensen’s superb blow-job miming (if you know Shane Dawson, than you know what that looks like)

And that was the end! O: This “commentary” has been brought to you by the Supernatural Science Squad. :3 Find our crack and join our craziness here: The Official SUPERNATURAL thread See the pictures my Comic Con buddy, Vee (aka dametokillfor) took here:  SPN panel pics

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12 March 2010 @ 09:35 am
So, I apparently won an Golden Key at the Scholastic Art Awards and didn't even know it~! It's pretty epic, but also, extremely hilarious, and a little bit confusing. The show for the winners was a week or two ago, but since I was only informed I won YESTERDAY, my piece wasn't in it. They kinda failed to contact me, I only received one really odd e-mail the day after the show, apologizing for any confusion... We only found out I won when they sent the award and certificate to my school. So LOL. Also, it's a little late, so I can't put it on my college apps, because I sent those all in already. `Tis pretty cool though, I got a neat pin and everything! We're going to drop the piece off this afternoon so it can at least be up for their closing night reception.

I must say, I LOVE MY SCHOOL! We have the day off today, and the public schools DON'T. I am currently enjoying the start of my three-day weekend whilst all my friends are sitting in their first periods~ 

My science teacher is out on maternity leave for the rest of the year, and I'm worried. I love the sub, Mrs. Currie... She's also my night-school Spanish teacher... BUT she doesn't know much about Physics and that's my second-hardest class. So I'm worried. I foresee much stress and late night study sessions in my future.  We switched textbooks in my Pre-Calculus class. We're officially DONE with the Trig section, and are now moving on to the actual Pre-Calculus book. (It's mostly review so far though, which is nice) I'm sad though, my sixth period directed studies got moved into another classroom because the majority of the students needed more "observation" than Mrs. Hatcher could provide. So I'm no longer in class with my friends, I have to sit all by my lonesome self in an empty classroom. All of other directed studies students spend most of their time in the computer lab, pretending to work, while I prefer to actually get my work done... I'm so lonely in sixth period now.

BUT HOLY SHIT, IT'S MARCH. MARCH. I graduate in JUNE. Dang! Time flies. I'm nervous. 

What else? I wish March 25th would hurry up and come already. I hate this hiatus.... I want more Sammy, and Dean, and Cas, and Bobby... AND IF BOBBY DIES, I WILL MOURN! So many deaths this season, Ellen, Jo.... RIP, you crazy chicks.

IF ONE MORE PERSON WAVES THEIR COPY OF FINAL FANTASY XIII IN MY FACE, I WILL BITE OFF THEIR ARM! Charles and Boi, you are evil people. I hope you forget to save your game, DIE, and then have to start all over. It would serve you right, you bloody teases.

Lastly, beware of the Bandersnatch. It's much more dangerous than the Jabberwock. We're reading Alice in Wonderland in English class, and I couldn't be happier.

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27 September 2009 @ 09:14 pm
I have a very, very wide range of interests when it comes to music, it all depends on my mood.

When I say wide range, I mean I could be humming along to Mozart's Clarinet Concerto one day, tapping my foot to Regina Spektor's Music Box the next, bobbing my head to Rise Against or My Chemical Romance some day, and then maybe Our Lady Peace or The Smashing Pumpkins on another.

I don't really know any other person who is so weird with music- most of the people I know find a genre they like, and stick to it. I jump around like nobody's business. I get a lot of grief for it too- you know, fans of one genre hating another? Well, I listen to both and tend to be frowned at by all manners of music fans for my "indecision". What kind of person likes the electronic, exciting sounds of the japanese Vocaloids, loves falling asleep to piano music by Yiruma, and grew up on a weird mix of the Smashing Pumpkins, Blink 182, boy bands, Brittany Spears, and church hymns?

That would be me. I can remember my babysitter playing "Tonight, Tonight" for me as a lullaby, lip-syncing to Brittany Spears' "Oops I did it again" as a fourth grader, and (willingly) singing in my church's children's choir from age five all the way through the seventh grade.

Maybe its my love of art that allows it? I mean, I don't want to know just one type of art, and I don't want to restrict inspiration by listening to only one genre! So, call me musically challenged or defective, but I'll take a huge heap of diversity please. (:
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Today in sixth period, my friend Brett and I discovered the true purpose of three ring binders- they are to be used as fans. FANS.

Why? because (1) We had a bad case of the giggles and anything and everything seems extremely hilarious, even my homework getting blown onto the floor and stepped on... It was a two hour block period right after lunch, so of course we were a little energetic.

(2) This sixth period class is epic lulz, it's me, Cory (Brett's younger brother), Hannah (an annoying chick, but I ignore her) and Ronald in there for study hall/directed studies, and Brett, Becca (my younger sister), Timmy, Soraya, Tommy, and some kids who come over from the local public school who's names I don't know yet in there for Algebra II... Basically, Brett and I sit in the back and try to make each other crack up while we're supposed to be working- usually him on his Algebra II assignment and me on the Pre-Calculus assignment I got in fifth period.

(3) IT IS SO HOT. Haha. Really, it was like 105 degrees out. So yeah, hot. and also, I was starting to doze off on my desk, so Brett waved his binder at me, and I waved mine back and the rest is history!

We spent the next fifteen minutes just waving them around and being silly while Mrs. Doster (well, its actually Mrs. Hatcher now, but I can never remember that) was in the bathroom. (she's seven months pregnant with a boy, Ryder... awesome name, right?) So it was fun.

Wednesdays are really my easy day, with the block schedule, I only have second, fourth and sixth period- so that's Art, Government and Study Hall. EASY~ Well, easy compared to my Thursday, which is first, third, and fifth period, or Physics, English, and Pre-Calculus... and then night school Spanish II. But Thursday night totally makes up for it with SUPERNATURAL at nine, and then THE MENTALIST at ten. Yumminess~ I get to see Castiel, Dean and Sam AND then Jayne! All that goodness on one night.

I'm excited for tonight too, the season premiere of Criminal Minds. I adore that show, Reid is too awesome.

What else? Hmm. We were supposed to go to iHop for dinner tonight because we didn't want at stay home in the heat. (Our old house has no air-conditioning, so I'm baking like a cookie in an oven right now) but I don't think we will because my sister has an appointment. I was so excited about it too, `thinking about eating pancakes all day....

Oh well. Other randomness: I GOT FINAL FANTASY: DISSIDIA! I can't wait to play, I just need to find one of my sisters' PSPs. (Long story short- I'm too cheap and broke to buy my own, but why bother when I can play the ones they never touch? Same with the DS.) Look how tasty it is- http://www.amazon.com/Dissidia-Final-Fantasy-Sony-PSP/dp/B001TD6SN0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1253754020&sr=8-1 I see Tidus, and Squall and Cloud and many other amazing characters, it's sure to be epic.

The other game I've saved up for comes out next Tuesday, and it's this one:  http://www.amazon.com/Kingdom-Hearts-358-Days-Nintendo-DS/dp/B001TD6SK8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1253754020&sr=8-2 It feels like we've been waiting for this one for such a long time... I'm super super excited for it. The Kingdom Hearts series of games is what got me into gaming in the first place.

Anything else? Not that I can think right now. Oh well. Best Wishes~! <3

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21 September 2009 @ 04:19 pm
So, today at school, I realized the ingenious fun that is zoning out. I mean, I zone out a lot. I'm just like that, I got two feet set firm on reality, but I got my head up in the sky. (Haha, I'm almost 5`11, what can I say, being tall is... high up.) I guess it comes with the territory of actively using the creative side of my brain so much (that's what being left handed can do for `ya), but also- I just don't sleep enough.

I'm not really sure why- well, okay, fine, I do know why. When I was a kid, I used to have terrifying and gruesome night terrors. I mean, they were nightmares, but they were probably the most disgusting and frightening things I could ever fathom thinking up. These night terrors were probably X rated material, I never really understood why I got them; I have never and will probably never go see any horror movies and it wasn't like I was scarred from some traumatic event... I just got the worst night terrors ever.

So my young brain found the only solution- Lie in bed and stay awake until I get so exhausted that my body just shuts down, and I don't even remember falling asleep. I found that made the night terrors less frequent. Sadly though, I pretty sure that's why I have the worst time trying to sleep now. I grew out of the night terrors (maybe my brain just found other things to focus on) and I rarely dream about anything anymore...

Though, when it comes to zoning out, its funny. I used to be terrified by the shapes in my eyelids. You know, the ones you see when you close your eyes? Now, I'm kinda fascinated by them. I spent the last ten minutes of my lunch break curled up in the corner of the English room, studying the inside of my eyelids. Not really napping, just resting, and drifting and being calm~ It was much easier to focus in my fifth period (Pre-Calculus, yuck) after that. I'm tempted to start snoozing at lunch now, but that will probably just whack up my sleep schedule ever more. Oh well... Sleep is what the weekend is for~

Hmmm... what else? Oh right. So, I'm trying to get into a decent art school, so I've been trying to pump out some nice illustrations, but I don't want to do them all of my characters, as much as I adore them and love to draw them~ So I wanted to draw something on the darker side, and I just happened to be surfing twitter when I was trying to plot, and then it went something like this--- "Falling things would be fun... falling... falling computers? falling computers... falling candy? candy? Mints.... Chocolate mints.... Yum.... Oh damn Kuro [Guy from Gaia] posted a picture in the Supernatural thr---- gah, that should be illegal... Jesus..... Jared has too many porn-esque pictures floating around.... mmm... floating... floating... floating.... wings? Angels....... evil tech angels? LOL MISHA. haha..... Misha.... Minions? minions.... bad-ass minions.... army helmets... candy... candy...... tacos.... falling computers.... BINGO!" and thus the idea was born.

So its still in it's rough sketch stage, and probably read like a much of crap to everyone else. HA. But it makes sense to me~ Damn scanner though, it cut off some stuff. I'll have to get the friendly folks at Kinko's to scan it when its done. Day one progress: Sketched. I still need to fix the girl's face and neck, and add some more detailing before I go ahead and start inking. Here it is~ i556.photobucket.com/albums/ss7/Haraism16/MINION_FIGHT1_2.jpg It'll look so much better in ink and colors. I sketch like a two-year old on cough syrup.

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20 September 2009 @ 11:58 am

Sorry. I just want to use capslock for the heck of it. If the Interwebs was a gigantic room, then the statement above would probably echo off into nothingness and never be heard. It a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around, does it make a sound?! Good question. Who knows~ We should ask a chipmunk! Oh lordy, I crack myself up, it's so sad.

I decided to start a livejournal for shits and giggles. A place to write everyday (and I'm going to try to write at least a little everyday) mostly for myself, but if anyone out there in the world gets some strange form of entertainment from my generally dull life, then so be it-! Some entries may be privated if they're just me ranting and raving about pretty dumb stuff, but I don't really mind leaving everything else open and naked as the day I typed it up, full of grammatical errors and nonsense.... If you get off on that, you are one sick person~! <333 I kid, I kid.

So the handle's haraism, which is pretty much the handle I use for a lot of other things as well. Its based off a nickname I earned myself way back in the sixth/seventh grade- Hara. Hara was the first original character I ever created, and although she was a bit of a Mary Sue, I've always felt like I owe her so much, for showing me how fun it can be to just throw logic away and be creative. -Ism is, obviously, the suffix meaning a principle, belief or movement... (Though, it can also be a form of discrimination, but not in this context. Bleh, no point in discriminating against myself, sillies) All and all, I thought up the handle hara-ism first for my Deviant Art account, and it just snowballed from there.

The REAL (what is real? what is fake? What a conundrum) name is Sylvia. You can call me Sylvia, `Via, Sly, Hara, YOU PERSON, Girl, Dude, Lady, or whatever, but I prefer Sylvia/Via/Sly. I love nicknames though, so go ahead and stick one on me. They're like stickers, and who doesn't like stickers?!  NO ONE, it was a trick question.

If it isn't glaringly obvious already, I'm a chica of the tom-boy, dork, nerd variety. I like long walks in the forest, reading, writing, video games, anime/manga, being silly, having fun, etc,. My biggest passion is art, and story-telling through art. I want to do comics someday, and I know every homegrown artistic manga-loving freak says that, but... well, I'm actually trying? It may or may not work out, but I'm willing to take the leap anyways.

I'm seventeen years old, but that will be changing soon- my eighteenth birthday is fast approaching on the fourth of December and I'm scared shit-less of this mysterious illusion that is adulthood. I assume it'll be the same as being seventeen, just I can vote and sign myself out of school. As if I'd ever want to leave anyways. FFFFF. Hilarious. I'm too addicted to that whole learning thing. I guess learning is power-! YAY SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK.

By the way, everything posted here will be done in the stream-of-consciousness style, so it probably won't make sense to half of you half the time. It makes sense to me though~ I guess that's what matters.

I live in bright, sunny, TOO FUCKIN` HOT southern California, and I'm hoping that will change come Fall 2010. I'm hoping to attend some type of school somewhere cold. COLD. Freezing. You can put lots of layers on, but you can only take off so much-!

So Yuh. That's me in a nutshell- I am the nut, and... um, these words are the shell? I don't know. I'll have to think about that one.

Best Wishes~! 

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